• Karen Jane Ludwig

Creation is life. A poem.

Adjust, just like that.

By the words from another, asking the question,

Are you sure this is what you want to do?

Well, kind sir. You bring up a good point.

All I want is to write every word I think,

Use it to create, articulate,

In every which way I see fit.

Creation is life. Sound is everywhere, what’s mine?

That’s what I’m trying to find. On the road to discovery, going across the country to find all the ways to live the very best way.

Perhaps the more miles you go, the more revelations you evoke…

Data shows, I would know.

Boy, thank you to the ones who care enough to collaborate, articulate why they think

I could better relate.

Gee… now, thanks to you

My dreams are bigger than I’ve ever felt before.

The moon must be rising,

I’m pulling my weight to another light.

What a life, one where there's potential to re-evaluate.

You better do you, nothing more nothing less.

Each day alive is no small prize. It’s the

biggest of all, to this revelation in time,

to the heavens, right here, right now.

- Karen Jane Ludwig


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