• Karen Jane Ludwig

Positive Affirmations | Re-Program Your Mind.

The way you speak to yourself internally is SO important. Why waste energy degrading your every move when you could be using that energy to implement positive affirmations into your daily routine in some capacity. I've been heavily focused on my self-development, especially once COVID hit and shifted the entire world's perception of reality. Instead of marinating in self pity and doubt amidst the uncertainty, I instead have evolved into a whole different version of Karen, one I've never met before...

If it weren't for this extensive time to reflect and articulate exactly what is that makes my heart skip a beat, I truly don't think I'd feel nearly as expansive and able to dive into the depths of my being each day. I'm an interesting gal in that I think... a lot. I've always known I carry weight in the way I operate and think but, instead of beating myself up over my over-analysis of what is/what could be like I did all my life, I've grown to embrace it and who I am ALL the way. I can FINALLY say I feel viciously me, thank god for that. To get you started on your own journey to treating your self with undeniable kindness and love, here are my favorite positive affirmations to remind myself of throughout each and every day.

- I trust (on the deepest level) that I am divinely guided.

- I am ALREADY whole and complete.

- I have NO limits.

- My worth is attached to nothing but my existence.

- I am patient and I take inspired action as divine timing unfolds in MY favor.

- The human mind is limitless.

- I'm changing my life by changing my mind.

- I deserve everything good: just because I am ME.

- There's no such thing as time or money wasted: there is only gained experience.

- I surrender to the universe.

- I exist in an abundant state.

- Worrying doesn't change or alter the outcome.

- I release the desire to know and control the outcomes of my life.

- I trust that everything is working out in MY favor.

- I am inherently worthy.

- Perfection is an illusion. (Instead) I strive to be ME!

- I surrender to the unknown.

- I surrender my desire to control the uncontrollable.

- I release ALL attachment.

- I am safe and secure.

- I am loved.

- There is infinite possibilities and that makes life exciting!

- I release all fear within me NOW.

- I love the fact that anything can/could happen.

- You are breath, you are light, you are beauty, you are one.

Knowing and embodying are different. YOU are a project in training, integration is critical. Everyday is an opportunity to take action steps in not only knowing these affirmations, but believing in them entirely. I challenge you today to write down your top 5 affirmations, and then do it again tomorrow, and the next day...

My #1 stated positive affirmation: I trust (on the deepest level) that I am divinely guided.

Patience, my darling.

- Karen Jane Ludwig